Alive Again – Christopher Young – Entrapment

Tim Baber is an early retired ex librarian who worked for 30 years in education. The slightly off-beat and idiosyncratic style of these articles is explained by the publications they were originally written for, namely the Mudeford Sandbank News, Christchurch Harbour Chronicle alive Again – Christopher Young – Entrapment Hengistbury Head Times. They were small, specialized local-interest, printed papers. The articles constitute a gentle introduction to a subject which – for most people, most of the time – is safely relegated to the realm of fictional horror, ridiculous ‘conspiracy theory’ or similar mental pigeon-hole, so that life can proceed ‘as normal’.

This above picture seems to represent a myth of childlike living in an ordered society. But art often serves a purpose. Images are the shorthand of our attention. Amongst the many many artists are strange hybrid paintings that would confuse a typical mum. I wondered about this divide for years. In 1986 I went to a pantomime and studied the genre, reading two books about art in the service of society.

And then I drifted off topic. In 2002 I wrote the three below articles that I thought were a triumph. It found a home on wikispooks. The reason my research ended up on wikispooks was because our children, the world our children are born into, is a contested space.

Nations and shall I call them privateers compete for the way our children develop and art is a clue as to what is successful. This is not an aesthetic conjecture but whatever works best to bind generations to a mast chosen elsewhere. I chose not to reprint again all the allegations in my 2002 research, but instead react to what I provoked a decade ago. My desk at work and my bosses desk the week later were burgled. And a small heavily German accented very old but fit man found me as you will read and poked me in the throat. Last year I saw a photograph and recognized the man.

But he was a ghost and one who made me all the more determined to strip the myth from the moment. Please read on, remember these are suspicions not facts I can prove, even were I to try, because the subject is one of spooks not trusted texts I can pass around. Ostensibly nothing, but a casual search on the internet for deep background on our very own award winning park, , has thrown up a Pandora’s box of hopefully unrelated concerns. It is hoped that readers of this newspaper will, after reading this article, be able to read Lewis Carroll’s book and visit the Alice in Wonderland theme park next to Hurn airport, with a new perspective. The idea, of living in Alice’s world for an afternoon, is an attractive proposition for any family, but it could, allegedly, be a nightmare for a few unlucky individuals trapped in a maze not of their making! Obviously there is no suggestion that the concerns expressed widely on the internet about psychological entrapment of a few relate to our very own Alice in Wonderland park, or any other local person, location or institution, except perhaps for susceptible or easily suggestible individuals if this story is true.