I”ve Got Something To Tell You – Deadstar – I”ve Got Something To Tell You

964 0 0 0 15 20c0 2. 984 0 0 0 19 8c2. Only future generations can judge whether we are Maverick or not. It is i’ve Got Something To Tell You – Deadstar – I’ve Got Something To Tell You natural that Reploids seek to evolve by improving their abilities.

Initially, Redips acts as the commanding officer, sending X, Zero, and Shadow out to Giga City to deal with the Rebellion uprising. However, shortly after the airships’ arrival, X and his group are attacked as Redips declares them traitors and wanted criminals. Once X and his group reach Redips in the Far East HQ, Redips declares himself as the ruler of all Reploids and engages them in battle. X finds Redips hooked in a machine powering himself up with the Supra-Force Metals that he acquired from the missile and Epsilon, turning himself into Great Redips declaring that he wants to rule the universe. At first, the Maverick Hunters are no match for Redips’ power, but then Ferham comes in and rips out Redips’ regenerative Supra-Force Metal fragment. 2-hit attack against a single target.

2-hit damage to a single target. Status effect: DOA in first hit. 8-hit Fire-attribute damage against the entire party. The scene opens in Giga City as X, Zero, and Shadow race along the exterior of the Lagrano Ruins. Colonel Redips’s voice narrates in the background, and the scene occasionally flashes back to the three Hunters being personally briefed by the Colonel.

Colonel Redips: Your mission is to infiltrate Giga City and halt the activities of Epsilon’s organization, the Rebellion. I’m afraid the team that went in before you has likely perished. If you fail this mission, then we We will have no choice but to launch an indiscriminate assault on Giga City. The whereabouts of Epsilon are unknown. But, we’re getting an energy reading from a certain area of ruins.