IV. The Explorers

There are no blank spots left on the map, no uncharted mountain ranges or unknown expanses of the oceans iV. The Explorers seas. We’ve sent humans to all four corners of the globe and launched satellites above the sky to photograph the most remote and inaccessible areas of the planet.

The explorers of old aren’t quite extinct, but they’re an endangered species whose native land is fast disappearing. Wingsuit jumping is the sport of skydiving with specially designed suits that allow the wearer to glide, sometimes for miles, before releasing their parachute and drifting through the final descent. Gary Connery simply decided that the parachute wasn’t necessary anymore, and opted instead for a makeshift landing strip of stacked cardboard boxes. At the age of 42, Connery has completed more than 1,350 jumps, and you’ve probably seen him dozens of times without realizing it. He has worked on over 100 films and TV shows as a stunt coordinator and performer, and stood in as a stunt double on films like Indiana Jones, Batman Begins, and the latest Sherlock Holmes adaptation.