Just One Way – Prince Allah* – Heaven Is My Roof

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Offers may be subject to change without notice. Read this: Stitched up like a kipper! The oldest working fish smokehouse in London is facing closure after the owners were told they can only use smoke-free wood because of a single complaint from a neighbour. Sons has been serving customers with smoked fish at the back of its Crouch End shop for 130 years, prepared in a Victorian smokehouse. But Haringey Council say the practice must stop until issues with the smoke are resolved, after a neighbour in a modern apartment block lodged a complaint. Walter Purkis and his son John, who were handed the notice on December 21, face a fine if they do not comply. They believe booming house prices and over-development in what had previously been a down-at-heel area of town was killing off its history and traditions.

Six years ago, flats were built above a nearby supermarket and during the summer last year, a wooden studio-type building was put up next to the shop’s chimney. The council now claims the property – which had it chimney knocked off during the Blitz by a Luftwaffe bomb – is in breach of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Clean Air Act 1993. The family believe the complaint to the Labour-run Haringey Council in north London had originated from someone living in the apartment blocks. Referring to the residents, Mr Purkis, 65, said: ‘We have never had a problem and we have been here 130 years. These flats are only six years old. We have been doing this the same way for five or six generations back, and so did the people who had shop before me, they also did it for five generations.