Eat The Gun – Motörhead – Overnight Sensation

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Kiss of Death is the 18th studio album by the band Motörhead, released on 29 August 2006, on Steamhammer, their ninth with the label. Kiss of Death was the second album Motörhead recorded with producer Cameron Webb and continues the heavy, blistering sound evident on the band’s previous LP Inferno. Going Down,’ was co-authored by Campbell’s son Todd. Mike Inez from Alice in Chains and C.

Deville from Poison also play on the album. Kingdom Of The Worm’ received its world premiere on Friday, 19 May, during Lemmy’s appearance on the “Jonesy’s Jukebox” radio show on Indie 103. 4 in Germany, marking Motörhead’s highest entry ever in the German charts. Kiss of Death is also notable for being the final Motörhead album to feature original artwork by longtime artist Joe Petagno. A review on Drowned in Sound suggests that Motörhead is not a band that focuses on innovation and progression and that they are happy doing more of the same and their fans are more than happy to receive it, this album being no exception. Lemmy’s ability to wring fresh poignancy from the idiocy of war and its mark on history has long been one of Motörhead’s sharpest weapons.